I ran into an issue recently where I wanted to use anchors to jump to different sections within a long web page. The problem was every time I clicked the page would jump, but a fixed header would cover part of each section’s content.

After a bit of searching, some trial and error, a simple HTML adjustment and a bit of CSS and the problem was solved.

The Setup and the Problem

I started with a header that was set up like so: (styles inlined for clarification)

<div class="header" style="position: fixed; top: 0;"></div>

Near the top of the page was an unordered list that contains the anchor links:

  <li><a href="#section1">Anchor Text</a></li>
  <li><a href="#section2">Anchor Text</a></li>
  <li><a href="#section3">Anchor Text</a></li>

And of course, there was each section of content which I wanted to jump to:

<div class="section" id="section1"></div>
<div class="section" id="section2"></div>
<div class="section" id="section3"></div>

Now as you can see, I started with adding the IDs to each section. This is when I noticed that clicking on one of the anchor links would actually cause the page to jump to the right section, but some of the content in the section would get covered by the header which is fixed and stays at the top of the page when scrolling occurs.

To overcome the issue a minor HTML adjustment was made and a small amount of CSS was also added to bring it all together.

The Solution That Worked

First, I moved the id’s of each section to a new element: (a span in this case)

<span class="anchor" id="section1"></span>
<div class="section"></div>

<span class="anchor" id="section2"></span>
<div class="section"></div>

<span class="anchor" id="section3"></span>
<div class="section"></div>

The new <span> elements were added right above each section and would serve as the new anchor point. I’m not the biggest fan of empty elements on a page, but it does address the issue.

Once the new <span> elements were in place, a bit of CSS was added:

  display: block;
  height: 115px; /*same height as header*/
  margin-top: -115px; /*same height as header*/
  visibility: hidden;

The height and margin-top numbers are based on the height of the header. Using the Chrome developer tools, this number is easy to figure out.

After these simple adjustments, it was time to jump back in the browser and test it out. Clicking the anchor link jumped down the page and the <span> corrected the space for the header and voilà – The page now jumps correctly!


  1. I searched for quite some time to find a fix for this problem and could not find nothing except js fixes. This solution worked amazingly well and was simple to impliment. Thank you so much!

  2. Torsten says:

    Thank you for this post. You solved my life :-) Worked nearly two hours to fix this problem

  3. Phillip Lovelace says:

    @Torsten – glad to help and thanks for the kind words!

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    hey, thanks for sharing – pretty cool solution, helped me a lot, i was going nuts with this issue :D

  5. pedro says:

    here you can check another approach that avoids the html editing. It just adds the “extra” element via css. It useful if you have a long list of elements.

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    This was very helpful!

    I attempted to make something that worked with default anchor codes using the [name] selector and psuedo elements. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far: http://jsfiddle.net/shshaw/VujcA/

    Chrome & Safari work without a hitch, IE8 works mostly as expected, Firefox doesn’t like semantic anchors & IE7 is just gross.

    Anyone else willing to take a stab?

  10. David Myers says:

    Awesome, thanks for your help! This was exactly what I was looking for.

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    That was awesome help, thanks! I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of hours. Awesome!!

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  17. Patrick Haroldson says:

    Well, it sorta works…. what I want to do now is take the huge space out between each of my anchor points. it seems to put a header height space between each section, which is no good for what I am doing.

    here check it out: http://innovationlighting.net/rentals

  18. Patrick Haroldson says:

    oops, that is http://innovationlighting.net/rentals.php
    my bad…

  19. Phillip Lovelace says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I took a look at your site and it appears you are missing the negative margin and visibility css properties. Please try adjusting your CSS:

    .anchor {
    display: block;
    height: 213px;

    Hope that helps!

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    thank u so much.. helpful :)

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    I have to salute you, these handful lines of code do the trick!

    I was close to completely going nuts before :-)

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    This is a good solution, I had not considered this before. I have had similar problems and found that adding padding to the div can also be effective as long as it works with the layout of your site.

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    Really great! Solved my problem. Thank you!

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  26. Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just
    wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the
    same subjects? Thank you so much!

  27. Lee says:

    Watch out for the negative value, as with Patrick Haroldson, that caught me out too.

    Once the negative value is fixed, the gaps disappear. This works really well. Great work, Phillip, well done. And thank you.

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    Hye Philips

    This was truly a meaningful post. Three cheers to you man !!
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    Thank you kind sir, one correction though, for the sake of people that will copy-paste your code, please correct the commented part of the anchor css class like this:
    .anchor {
    display: block;
    height: 115px; /* same height as header */
    margin-top: -115px; /* same height as header */
    visibility: hidden;

  39. Hey Kristijan – I’ve updated the code block and thanks for pointing that out.

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    I wanted to thank you for this awesome solution.
    I had the same problem working on a chm help file months ago.
    That time this it solved my problem, BUT now another
    problem emerged out of the HTML bag.
    and that’s when you have to refer to an inline position.
    I mean something like this for example:

    Something and Anything something else . . .

    This work around causes “something else” to be rendered to a new line and
    that’s another problem, that I believe is because of “display:block”.

  52. Mortaza says:

    Sorry for BAD output

    The example was:

    <p>Something and Anything <span id=”my-id”></span>something else . . . </p>

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    Thanks! This was driving me crazy and your solution is simple and effective. I’d be interested to know what a more “semantic” solution would be, without an empty span, but at this point I’m just happy to have it finally working.

    Thanks again.

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    If you have the div in a column, change ‘display’ to inline block.
    display: inline-block;

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    doesn’t work for the first div! but thanks for the others :=)

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  75. The same bug appears when finding a page with Ctrl+F: the found text would be under the header.
    One have to search and then scroll a little bit up to see the highlighted result…
    Did you find a solution for this problem?

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  77. Very nice! The only problem I have is when using the CSS :target selector. Now it will affect the invisible span instead of the invisible element. I guess it’s more a Javascript problem now. Good job anyway!

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    I have a menu item that links to an anchor. When I’m on the same page as the anchor and I click the menu item, it takes me to the place I want and nothing is hidden behind the fixed header. When I’m on a different page, however, and I click the same menu item, I’m taken to the place in the text but the top portion is hidden behind the fixed header. This means that the fix above (and any other fix I can think of) will work correctly if I’m coming from another page, but if I’m coming from the same page it will create a space at the top when I navigate to the anchor. Do you have any idea how to fix this?

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    Works well! I used this to globally set anchors purely used as anchor points (have id but no href):

    a[id]:not([href]) {


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    THANKS!!!! So simple… Also to make different on mobile you could add something like
    @media only screen and (max-width: 700px){
    display: block;
    height: 80px; /*same height as header*/
    margin-top: -80px; /*same height as header*/
    visibility: hidden;
    See the result at my site @ http://sharkt.ca/services/local-seo-canada/ I’m currently doing a mobile version of my site so whit this CSS on top i get the exact result I want. THX a million time.

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    :target:before {
    height:90px; /* fixed header height*/
    margin:-90px 0 0; /* negative fixed header height */

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    This will prevent unwanted layout “empty spaces”

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    :target:before {
    height:55px; /* fixed header height your height*/
    margin:1px 0 0; /* negative fixed header height */

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    Would be even better to use a trick to be able to keep the anchor position…

    I used your trick on my website.

    NB: in my case i had to adjust the sized of the invisible span to the screen (desktop or smartphone), and also to add an extra margin to the header (only once become sticky – as the relative position on the page move as well…)


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  182. today’s best solution is by adding this to CSS:

    :target:before {
    height:60px; /* fixed header height*/
    margin:-60px 0 0; /* negative fixed header height */

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  191. Thank you so much for solving a problem I was beginning to think was unsolvable!

  192. Thank you so much for this simple solution! In a wordpress theme using themefusion – I added your .anchor css code to the code section of the page, then created a menu anchor element calling the CSS class: anchor. Then fiddle with the header sizing (mine was closer to 310px) – worked a charm!

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    :target:before {
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    Other solutions are all JS based.
    This took some editing of the HTML but in the end its the only true CSS “only” one I could find out there.


  222. pindab0ter says:

    Nowadays, there’s an even better solution. Just add this to your CSS file:

    html {
    scroll-padding-top: ;

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