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Notebook and pen on table

Knocking Off a Bit of Dust

Welp, it’s been a good 5 years or so since the blog has been updated around here. It’s time to dust it off.

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Removing Line Breaks in Dreamweaver

Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking. You still use Dreamweaver!? The quick answer is: I use the tool that fits the job when I need it. So yes sometimes!

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Mobile First & Responsive… Finally!

Since the introduction of Responsive web design, it’s irked me that my site didn’t look appropriate on different devices and screen sizes. While I know that browsing the web on a mobile device is growing like crazy, it has been a while since I’ve spent any time working on my own site. I’m happy to say it’s finally been updated and responds to fit the different screen sizes across more devices.

We deserve the same protection online

Tell the Government to Get a Warrant

A warrant should always be required when the government wants to read your email or any other form of online communication. I thought I would share a way we can help make a change. We deserve the same protection online as we have when offline. If you agree, keep on reading.

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Digg Reader Saves The Day

As a long time Google Reader user, I have been in panic mode trying to figure out where to move all the RSS feeds I’ve accumulated over the years. If you’re not aware Google has announced they will be closing Google Reader next month.

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YouTube Channels for Web Developers

Lately, I have been using Youtube for checking out web development videos. I have never been a huge Youtube user, but after subscribing to a few channels I thought I could recommend, and get recommendations a few worth subscribing to. These suggestions are just the top few I have come across related to web development or web-related technologies

Anchor Links and Fixed Headers

Offsetting Anchor Links with a Fixed Header

I ran into an issue recently where I wanted to use anchors to jump to different sections within a long web page. The problem was every time I clicked the page would jump, but a fixed header would cover part of each section’s content.

Move the Web Forward

An awesome guide to getting involved with web standards and browser development. Tips for all skill levels and expertise. This is a must-see site, so click on over and learn something new and how you can get involved and give back to the web community.


Do Clean URLs Still Matter?

Keyword stuffing, uppercase, lowercase, hashbangs, shebangs, query strings, underscores and dashes, websites, web apps, oh my! URLs are something I have been researching and reading about a lot lately and I am a bit shocked by the thoughts of some very smart folks.

Google +1 Button

Google +1 Button Validation Error

Since Google recently added +1 Metrics to Webmaster Tools and Social Engagement to Google Analytics, I decided to add the Google +1 button to my website. All went well until I ran my site through the W3C’s HTML validator. The new button caused my previously valid site not to validate.