As a long time Google Reader user, I have been in panic mode trying to figure out where to move all the RSS feeds I’ve accumulated over the years. If you’re not aware Google has announced they will be closing Google Reader next month.

Digg Reader Screenshot

The awesome folks over at Digg took on one hell of a challenge and have come through with what I have chosen as my new default reader. So first and foremost, thanks, guys you have saved the day as far as I’m concerned!

Digg Reader, while still missing a few features (which they have announced are in the works), has come through with a pretty solid service that I hope will be around for quite some time. It has a very simple and easy to use interface and it was a breeze to import my feeds from Google Reader.

A Couple Missing Features

As I mentioned above there are a couple missing features that will help to complete the product and one small feature that would make it everything I need. Here’s a quick outline:

  • iPhone App – Should be available any day now.
  • Sharing – Has Facebook and Twitter, but I need Google+ and Linkedin.
  • Button Navigation – Keyboard support is great, but as a habit, I miss the up and down arrows from Google Reader for browsing through feeds.

Besides those minor missing features, I’m totally stoked that Digg has created a product that will replace Google Reader and all without some crazy magazine/brochure style layout.

So if you’re like I was and scrambling to find somewhere to move your RSS feeds, I would highly recommend and suggest you check out and sign up and import your feeds before it’s too late.

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