A warrant should always be required when the government wants to read your email or any other form of online communication. I thought I would share a way we can help make a change. We deserve the same protection online as we have when offline. If you agree, keep on reading.

There’s currently an online petition insisting that the government update and reform the outdated Electronic Communications Privacy Act to protect our privacy. This outdated policy means that the government doesn’t always need a warrant to request email and other data from online providers.

We deserve the same protection online and offline.

It’s also important to demand action from your state’s senator. In my case, I have been sharing the photo above all over the internet.

If you want to help reform the ECPA so the government has to get a warrant, please share and tell your friends to sign the White House petition too! Americans are deeply concerned about NSA surveillance. But the NSA’s not the only problem. These outdated laws say the IRS and hundreds of other agencies can read our communications without a warrant.

If you want to join in and call on the Obama Administration to support ECPA reform – visit The White House Petition Website and sign it today.


  1. Timothy says:

    Hoping the government and the UN formulate policies that will protect us

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