Since the introduction of Responsive web design, it’s irked me that my site didn’t look appropriate on different devices and screen sizes. While I know that browsing the web on a mobile device is growing like crazy, it has been a while since I’ve spent any time working on my own site. I’m happy to say it’s finally been updated and responds to fit the different screen sizes across more devices.

Mobile First

While I work daily coding for the web, the mobile-first approach has been an area that I am familiar with, but have yet to dive into or practice. Needless to say, while working on my new design, mobile-first actually confused the hell out of me. Now don’t get me wrong it was my incorrect assumptions on the mobile-first approach that actually confused me. I still had the old mentality of building for a desktop screen and then I thought I’d figure out how to scale it down for different screen sizes. Boy oh boy, what was I thinking.

Once my mobile-first “ah-ha” moment happened it all clicked and I was able to not only fully understand the mobile-first approach but started to structure and design my site in the complete opposite direction from the way I first started out.

Rough Around the Edges

I’ve totally enjoyed checking the new design on as many different devices as I could come up with around the house, but there are still a few areas that still need work. I mostly need to do a bit of image work, but overall I am pleased with the new direction and the knowledge I gained working on this project for myself.

Well here’s to the future of the web and after a few weeks of work, I’m happy to have once again pushed myself in the right direction.

If you do notice something that’s not quite right, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m still in the learning process and will get it all polished up eventually. As for now, I’m pleased with the first round of updates.

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