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Mobile First & Responsive… Finally!

Since the introduction of Responsive web design, it’s irked me that my site didn’t look appropriate on different devices and screen sizes. While I know that browsing the web on a mobile device is growing like crazy, it has been a while since I’ve spent any time working on my own site. I’m happy to say it’s finally been updated and responds to fit the different screen sizes across more devices.

New Design Time

Finally, I have finished updating this website’s design. It took much longer than expected, but overall I am pleased with the new look and feel. I also took the time to clean up some code that had been bothering me for a while. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

Please Excuse the Mess

Just a quick note to ask everyone to please excuse my mess as I push out a new design here on pixelflips. Between a full-time job and two kiddos, it almost takes an act of Mother Nature to have a smooth release. So if things don’t look quite right don’t panic just yet.

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unmatchedstyle Video Review

Over at unmatchedstyle they have put together a small video review of my site. I really appreciate the honest feedback, suggestions, and ideas. It’s really awesome how they took the time to comb over my site and put together a video.

Check out the video review at

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A Few Updates After Being Critiqued

I recently submitted my site to be critiqued by the fine folks over at Please Critique Me. After receiving some great feedback from Chris Wallace, I decided to make a couple of updates around here.

While most of the updates this time are mainly visual, I have a few ideas in the works to help clean up my site even more. Stay tuned for a few more tweaks and updates that I will be adding as time permits.