Ship Faster By Building Design Systems Slower

Ship Faster By Building Design Systems Slower

Phenomenal article on why successful design systems move more slowly than the products they support. A must read by Josh Clark.

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Inked Originals Competition

Cast your vote to support me in the Inked Originals competition. Vote daily! I greatly appreciate all the support. 🤘🏼

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Are you on Threads yet?

I’ve been avoiding X (ahem, twitter) as of late and have been trying out Threads, lets connect!

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YouTube Channels for Web Developers

Lately, I have been using Youtube for checking out web development videos. I have never been a huge Youtube user, but after subscribing to a few channels I thought I could recommend, and get recommendations a few worth subscribing to. These suggestions are just the top few I have come across related to web development or web-related technologies

Move the Web Forward

An awesome guide to getting involved with web standards and browser development. Tips for all skill levels and expertise. This is a must-see site, so click on over and learn something new and how you can get involved and give back to the web community.