Pixelflips Accepted to GAWDS

As an advocate of web standards and accessible web design, I recently submitted my application to become a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers. I strongly believe in building websites that are as accessible to as many users as possible, despite the type of technology being used to view a site.

.net magazine

Pixelflips in .net magazine

I am a little late in getting this posted due to being away in San Francisco for 6 weeks. In issue #191 (Aug. 2009) of the .net magazine, my website was featured in the Readers’ sites section. I was pretty excited to find out!

I just thought I would share and give big thanks to the .net magazine for a bit of exposure in their awesome magazine.


I Refuse

So Andy over at Unit Interactive has posted on an awesome article titled We Refuse in which he shares how Unit Interactive is refusing to participate in the current world recession.

I actually found the article to be very inspiring and the overall attitude of Andy really made me think about some things that I need to be refusing.