As an advocate of web standards and accessible web design, I recently submitted my application to become a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers. I strongly believe in building websites that are as accessible to as many users as possible, despite the type of technology being used to view a site.

I am thrilled to announce that my application has been accepted!

GAWDS is a worldwide association of professional organizations, web designers, and developers working together to promote the use and preservation of accessible design standards. In order to be accepted, an applicant must meet strict accessibility requirements while also demonstrating the proper use of web standards guidelines.

By becoming a member, I hope to help further stress the importance of accessible web design and web standards to clients, colleagues, and other designers in the community. Huge thanks to GAWDS for taking the time to review my work and accepting me to become part of such a great association.

For more information about the association be sure to check out the GAWDS website

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