I do not write about web design industry news or designers. There are plenty of sites out there that supply plenty of web design news along with a plethora of top 10 to 100 lists of everything design related.

Today though I wanted to give back a little something to a few designers that have been outstanding and very helpful recently.

Since I updated my site a few months back I have started trying to participate more in the design community. Now I follow A LOT of designers, whether it be via Twitter, RSS, or just by visiting their sites daily. During my journey to get myself out there a bit more there have been a few designers that have been more than friendly and I wanted to give them a bit of a “shout out” if you will.

These designers are listed in no particular order but I wanted to point this select group out as being very “down to earth” designers. They have been nothing but supportive and a blast to get to know.

Aaron Irizarry – www.thisisaaronslife.com

Arron I Website

Aaron I is a great designer who’s blog you should already know. He publishes articles on design, development, and also a weekly video (Friday Vidcast) that should not be missed. He’s always down to chat and interacts on everything design related. Also, make sure to submit your site designs to One CSS.

Kyle Steed – www.kylesteed.com

Kyle Steed Website

Kyle Steed is a designer that I have recently got to know a little better. Not only does he publish design related articles on his personal site, but he has also just launched a new site Chat Creative with the goal of connecting the creative community “one chat at a time”.

Chris Spooner – www.spoongraphics.co.uk

Chris Spooner Website

Chris Spooner has to be one of the busiest designers I have met. Not only does he create some awesome designs, but the guy also runs an awesome design related blog that is updated very frequently. Also, be sure to check out Line 25 for even more articles written by Chris.

Chris Wallace – www.chris-wallace.com

Chris Wallace Website

Chris Wallace gives back to the design community in a way that is almost mind-boggling. Between his awesome WordPress themes, CSS gallery, the all-new designmoo, and his blog; I am not sure how the guy finds time to sleep! Chris also recently reviewed my site and offered great advice and suggestions, some of which were integrated into this version of my site.

This is by far not a complete list of all the designers that I interact with or follow online. These guys have just been very responsive, friendly, and overall very helpful, as well as performing quite good, complying also with the marketing requirements (find more at onethingmarketing.net). They have not only been helpful to me personally but also to the entire web design community, so I thought they deserved a mention.

If you don’t know these guys then get to clicking, check them out, and follow them via all the available outlets. You will not regret it!


  1. J.C Harmon says:

    I’m glad to see people like David/Mark Perel didnt make the list… people like that should not be allowed in the public eye.

    Good post :)

  2. Phillip says:

    @J.C. – Not that those guys aren’t awesome designers and bloggers, but my list is of designers that I have actually interacted with. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to get to know Mark or David.

    @Chris & Aaron – No problem at all guys, you deserve it. Thanks for the comments and your awesome work!

  3. Chris Wallace says:

    Wow, I feel honored to be on this list! Thank you for your kind words; posts like this push me to continue contributing to the design community. Thanks again!

  4. Aaron Irizarry says:

    Shoot man… thanks for the include. Being included in lists like this are more valuable to me, since I see that I am influencing others.

    I really appreciate the kind words, and putting on a list with these other great designers, and even cooler guys.

    Thanks again!

    ~ Aaron I

  5. Matt Haltom says:

    Very true. Aaron & Kyle are great guys and its always interesting to hear what you have to say about design. :) Bravo.

  6. Curtis Stanier says:


    I have to agree with you on all accounts with this post. I follow these designers too, not only do they produce fantastic work but they are friendly and down to earth people. I can think if a couple more that could be added to this post too.

    Great post


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